MO BLUES ASSOCIATION LEADERSHIP UPDATE: Our MO Blues Association normally holds its annual general membership meeting in December, but because of calendar conflicts for many, we were unable to hold it until February 16. At that annual meeting, attending members voted to approve a slate of nominated new board members for 2017. The newly-constituted 2017 board held its first meeting Monday night, March 6, and elected new officers for 2017.

Congratulations (and thanks for their willingness to serve!) go to


• President – Jennie Crum
• Vice President – David Eskens
• Secretary – Jules Kujath
• Treasurer – Rita Turley

Starting Year #2 (of 2-year board terms):
• Chuck Renn
• John Robinson
• Meg Ryle
• Kris Webber
• Larry Zulauf

Starting NEW 2-year board terms:
• Megan Boyer
• Denise Cantrell
• Jennie Crum
• Shawn Crum
• David Eskens
• Becky Frederickson
• Jules Kujath
• Rita Turley

We also want to recognize & thank all who have finished terms & stepped aside from 2016 leadership positions. Outgoing 2016 President Kris Webber did a super job of steering MO Blues through 2016, and we’re mighty glad he remains aboard as a 2017 board member. The same goes for outgoing 2016 Secretary (and past-president) Chuck Renn, whose experience will be valued as he continues serving on the board in 2017. Finally, we salute the enthusiasm & involvement of departing board members Sue Barnes, Jim Rush, and Vice President Kerry Cordray. They served well, and they have all promised not to be strangers to MO Blues in the coming year.

These are your MO Blues Association leaders for 2017. Please join us in congratulating them, supporting them, and in serving the organization in the coming year.


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