Another MO Blues jam night is on tap! And this willl be a very special “Farewell Jam” nite, with Tim Taylor and COLD BLUE.   The jam is being hosted at Spectators Bar on Hight Street in Jeffrerson City, MO.  The date is MAY 18, 2017, THURSDAY NIGHT!  Music starts with host band at 8pm and the jamming starts shortly there after.

As Tim gets ready to move away-out-west this summer, it’s time for area music fans to come out to Spectators Bar & give him one last blues-cheer. Tim T. & his several solid COLD BLUE lineups over the years have been a cornerstone of the local blues scene for more than 20 years.

The final lineup for Cold Blue’s farewell to MO Blues is:
Tim Taylor- guitar & vocals, Tony Perkins – bass & vocals, drummer Ron Hunt, & keyboards played by John Robinson. Tim is the one original member left of the orginal ’95 band, but bassman Tony Perkins has been with Taylor more than 11 years. Many other local musicians present and past have played with the group along the way.

It’ll be a very big blues night, and, as always, you JAMMERS, after COLD BLUE’s opening set, jammers who’ve signed up on the call-sheet get their turns to join in the musical fun. You’ll all wanna do that!


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