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Drum roll please (pr-r-r-r-r-r): Our WINNER of the MO Blues IBC Competition is: The Baub Eis Band!!!!

But we’ll still meet this Sun afternoon (Oct. 29), for music from our winner, PLUS now we’ll open it up for some jamming. 

Explanations are in order: MO Blues contacted a variety of local bands. Other had also planned to compete, but for various reasons found themselves needing to change their plans. Our rules (and overall fairness!) oblige MO Blues to declare The Baub Eis Band as our winner by accalmation. And, MO Blues will be totally PROUD to sponsor the Baub Eis Band as our region’s entry into the International Blues Challenge, to be held on Beale Street in Memphis on January 16 to 20, 2018.

SO: what originally was our competition date we’ll NOW call our “IBC Showcase and Jam: with the Baub Eis Band”.

Please come join us at Spectator’s Bar (note this as a NEW-new location) this Sunday, Oct 29, starting at 2pm. 

We’ll start with a solid set to showcase our WINNERS, then hey!, we’ll open it up for some jamming.


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