About Us



Our mission at MO Blues is to “Promote, Support and Preserve the blues”. Spreading the “good word” about the Blues is just one way we realize our goals. The MO Blues Association newsletter and this website are two of the best ways we have of communicating our message. Keeping people informed about Blues history and current Blues & news is important.

As a non profit organization, all of our efforts and funds are directed towards our goals. No board member or anyone at MO Blues receives ANY compensation, all are volunteers. Our sources of operating funds are membership dues (personal, band & business) and fundraisers, which include BBQs & special event dances. Yes, we accept donations and grants, yes they are tax deductible. MO Blues has specific programs dedicated to promoting the Blues. We have a “blues in schools” program to help educate young children about the Blues. With another program we purchase Blues CDs in bulk and distribute them free of charge to area radio stations that have Blues programming. There is also a member Blues band contest in the works, this is tied into the Blues Foundation’s national contest. We have also donated funds to other non profit Jazz & Blues events in our area. We are a member of the Blues Foundation.

When our members are not doing the serious work for MO Blues, they accomplish the same goals by going out to area venues and listening to the Blues. This is important! This is the support part.  It’s not just as simple as listening. Support comes from being there, but also by paying cover charges, buying tickets, CDs, and supporting the establishments that pay the bills to bring good Blues acts to the area, not to mention, the artists themselves. Support your local and regional bands! If we don’t support these people here, they may quit touring in this area, or just not get booked here. The same goes for the big name acts, they go where the support is. To help in this endeavor, we have jams monthly. These jams are scheduled around member bands & businesses, they are intended to give members a fun night out, while supporting the Blues scene.

MO Blues does what it can, within our bylaws, to help make area Blues events happen and/or be successful. If you are interested in helping us achieve our goals, or just want to learn about or listen to the blues, you should join the MO Blues Association.

MO Blues welcomes all to our group, you don’t have to be a musician, or in a band, we have some, but most of the members just like to listen and have fun. We have an unofficial motto here, “It’s not black; it’s not white, IT’S THE BLUES!”.  In other words, if you love the blues; you’ll love MO Blues.

If you are interested, check out our “Join MO Blues” page. We have special tailored membership categories for individuals and families as well as students, bands, businesses and even other not-for-profit organizations. (And they’re cheap)

Thanks for taking the time to see what we are all about.