The next MOBlues Jam will be held at Das Stein Haus on Thursday, September 20th.  Host band will be the […]
5th ANNUAL HOLIDAY BLUES BLAST- Dec. 10-The Bel Airs are in the house!
Drum roll please (pr-r-r-r-r-r): Our WINNER of the MO Blues IBC Competition is: The Baub Eis Band!!!! But we’ll still […]
May is the Month for Blues in Jefferson City!  Starting on May 11th, head to The Bridge at 619 E. Capitol Avenue…at […]
This world premiere presentation will be a rare treat for fans of both artists and for fans of blues in […]
Hey hey, its time for another JAM!. Its our APRIL 20 JAM, starting with the Baub Eis Band. WHERE?: At Das […]
MO BLUES ASSOCIATION LEADERSHIP UPDATE: Our MO Blues Association normally holds its annual general membership meeting in December, but because […]
Hey MO Blues gang! It’s time for another JAM NIGHT Feb 16 at The Mission with host band: The MISSOURI […]